Anna M. Power M.F.A.

​​Life Transition and Creativity Coach

Life Coaching

As a life coach I work to guide, support and empower you to live a full and authentic life, helping you to align your life with your deepest longings and true self. By asking powerful questions that facilitate new insights, and through a wide modality of creative and transformational processes, we will work together to clarify, re-envision and realize long held goals, identify and transform obstacles or blocks that make you feel stuck and develop the support and accountability that will assist you in taking the action steps towards change. I offer a highly personalized, creative and effective approach tailored to each individual, both in-person and on the phone.  As a Life Coach, I specialize in the following areas: Navigating Change and Transition; Transforming Blocks and Limiting Beliefs; Grief Work; Achieving Goals; Self-Confidence & Personal Power; Inner Peace; Achieving Balance; Struggles with Addiction; Health, Weight and Food Addiction Issues; Fertility.

Creativity Coaching

To live a creative life and commit to ourselves as creative human beings requires the willingness to be vulnerable, the courage to challenge our inner critics of shame, scarcity and comparison, and the commitment to work towards overcoming resistance, to honoring our boundaries and to showing up fully for ourselves and our work. For many of us, when we are holding our creative lives back, when we are not living in the creative flow, we find our physical and emotional health challenged,we lose our sense of joy and possibility. Creativity coaching offers the support and guidance to  help you listen to and honor your inner wisdom and the call to create, grieve the past and celebrate the possibility of the present, and fully commit to your creative life. Together we uncover the perceived inner and outer limitations and roadblocks, the internalized messages that either support us or hold us back, the paths that derail us and move to recognize our internal compass that redirects us to our true path. As artists, we come together to make meaning out of the "miss-steps" and find the delightfully beautiful threads that weave together each and every story of our lives.

Fertility Coaching

Based on the pioneering work of Nirave Payne M.S., author of "Whole Person Fertility" and the Whole Person Fertility Training, our fertility coaching program utilizes a powerful mind/body approach that has been known to effect change in the endocrine, immune and nervous systems. Recognizing that the physical/medical is only one aspect of the journey to conception, our work together opens up new pathways to fertility through exploring, challenging and releasing  our internalized language, beliefs and emotional/psychological histories. We embrace the individual as a whole being, deserving of love, acceptance and sustenance and support them in letting go of feelings of inadequacy, blame and guilt in order to embrace a full and joyous life.

Writing and Consultation

The world needs your story!